We Care About Our
Skin and Our Future. 

Our products are born from the need to keep our skin exfoliated, clean of impurities and free radicals, healthy, tense, moisturized and radiant without putting our health at risk.

ScrubMe is dedicated to preparing high-quality, all-natural, fresh, and chemical-free products. They are prepared at the time of receiving the order. From my home to yours!


Delma Lugo

I have always received compliments on my skin and how young I look at my age. Simple I have been taking care of my skin from a very young age. Using products for my body created by me. Since 2015 my dream was to establish this company so that other women like me can take care of their skin in a healthy and economical way. My dream was delayed by the cancer visit. Yes, I am a Survivor and today, my dream is bigger than before!!! 


Now, in addition to taking care of our skin, we are taking care of our health by creating completely natural products. I enjoy preparing each product, so it is done with great care and attention.


Remember, "don't wait for the wrinkle to come out, beat it before it arrives and it will arrive, it sure will, but it will be delayed and will be less noticeable"