The combo of our handmade soaps; Roses Bouquet, Sweet Lavender and Coffeenamon.


  • Rose Bouquet - Handmade soap prepared with olive, coconut, palm and avocado base oils, shea butter, cocoa and rosepetals. Excellent for sensitive skin. 2.35 oz
  • Sweet Lavender - Handmade soap prepared with coconut, olive, sunflower, palm and avocado base oils, honey, groundlavender flowers and lavender essential oil. With its so relaxing aroma you will feel like a Spa, you willmoisturize your skin with its natural oils while its flowers will gently exfoliate you. Your skin will beradiant! 2.75 oz
  • Coffeenamon - Handmade soap prepared with coconut, olive and palm base oils, shea butter, ground coffee andcinnamon. In a delicate way you exfoliate your skin while you bathe helping to eliminate dead skin,cleaning the pores and moisturizing with its natural oils. 3.65 oz

The Trio